My name is Brittny C. Lyle, LMFT, LPC, CPCS and I am the Founder and Clinical Director of BCL Clinical Solutions LLC. Our company applies a holistic, systemic, solution-focused perspective to the growth and development of individuals, professionals, and organizations.

Our mission is to share support, expertise, passion, and creativity to educate and empower others, enhance relationships, and expand the meaning of ‘holistic care’ in human services.

We utilize practical, person-centered solutions to address areas such as personal growth and wellness, professional discovery and development, relational needs, and leadership.

The ‘person’ matters in every type of setting

In my experience, the healthcare industry has often struggled to bridge the gap between meeting the needs of the person and meeting the needs of the business.  Creating such a bridge is perhaps more crucial to its success than in other industries because caring for people is the core of human services.

The behavioral and mental health industry, in particular, demands mental health professionals to first be healthy and whole in order to serve individuals seeking their own wellness. However, this concept is often highly expected but rarely supported. 

Issues such as undervaluing self-care, overworking, poor leadership, lack of teamwork, and minimized training, are common themes of an unhealthy and unproductive work environment. Consequently, these types of conditions negatively impact the persons’ served.

My goal is to help stop this vicious cycle!

We are the Client’s Healing Agent & the Counselor’s Advocate

My 10+ years of experience in private practice, community-based, substance abuse, and non-profit settings has allowed me to identify a shared theme–to be successful both personally and professionally, you must first practice meeting your own needs in order to help others meet their needs.

We strongly value counseling, not only for persons served in the community but also for the professionals who serve them. Furthermore, we encourage the personal and professional development of budding counselors through Certified Professional Counselor Supervision, mentorship, and Continuing Education training for licensed counselors in the field.

Join us as we passionately act as healing agents for clients and advocates for the counselors who serve them.

In my personal life, I am a devoted wife to my loving husband, Kirk, and my beautiful toddler, Clarisse. I am most motivated by my spiritual walk with Christ, serving and spending time with others, listening to music, nature, cooking, and all things creative! Learn more about my creative side on my food blog–QuisineQueenB.com.

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